Posted by: HijaBella | October 12, 2008

Winter/Fall 2008 Setrms

Setrms, a turkish textile company, rocks (again) with his winter/fall 08 collection. 


This white coat looks so sweet. I want to wear it immediately:


The blazers is nice but yet too short to wear with pants. I would combine it with a skirt. 


An autumnal style: 


The color of the coat is lovely, but I didn’t like the material. It is too striking for me:


I love green and if it is combined with elegance I adore it.Therefore, this one is one of my favourites:  


Very pretty, too:


Here I liked the photo. She seems to be very cool:


All in all, fantastic looks.Thanks Setrms! My favourites are the green and the white coats, but it was a difficult to decide. So which one do you prefer?



  1. My personal favourite is definitly the first one.
    It’s very chic and one could think that it’s a jacket from the chanel collection.

    I would definitly buy it it’s very sweet

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