Posted by: HijaBella | October 14, 2008

08 Akel-Hijab

Akel is another turkish textile company producing beautiful satin hijabs. I’m not kidding by saying that you are really looking like a princess with putting on any of them. This years collection is made up of hijabs with many different colors:


Green looks “always” beautiful. I think it would fit perfectly with the green Setrms-coat:


She looks “fresh like a lemon” with this one 🙂 


A beautiful pink hijab. Just the right one to wear on the pink hijab day this month. (For more information visit this site)


Great pic! Why do I identify myself with this girl? Hmm…Have you got an idea? 


Go, go Akel! I’m impatiently waiting for your NEW collection. So dear readers, what do you think of Akel and the great turkish satin hijabs in general?



  1. Oh my Allah these turkish style hijabs look sooooo beautiful.
    They really rock!!!
    I love the colours and also the manner they wear it. It looks beautiful.
    I loved the last picture, the woman looks very strong and confident like many muslim women should be 😦

    I hope that one day this situation becomes a everyday routine and not just a staging on a photography.

    I hope that Allah gives us the chance to become successfull muslim women.

    Thank you for the post it’s great.
    You have a very good favour concerning fashion.

  2. i liked the women with the green hijab.
    It looks very fresh and beautiful…

  3. Mashallah I bumped into this site – amazing turkish hijabs

  4. Mashallah they look really beautiful

  5. Salam. Hi:)))))))))) I just bumped into this site. Are you turkish?? Can you share with me what is turkish beauty secret? Other than the genetic factor, of course? I see you girls are good with make up, they look natural. What other tips you have? Like what to eat, etc… Maybe write an article? If you don’t like my request, its ok just ignore it. I’m just curious that’s all 🙂 seriously turkish girls are beautiful mashaAllah 🙂

  6. woah! i thot wearing a hijjab wood be bad
    these fotos build up my confidence
    i bumbed into this site too
    except im probably the youngest here
    im 11
    but watever sooo awesum
    i want onee of those

  7. Hi everybody,
    is it possible to have the name of this beautiful lady, I am doing a website for hijab, I found pics for this lady but in low size, I want to find pics with high définition.

  8. hi

    kindly can you tell me the address of Tugba botique in syria and lebanon

  9. hi, i really like these new style hijjabs can you please tell me the price of it.

  10. hi ur hijab i like it muslim hijab good u more with me or sent sms mobile.+919986809724

  11. hi….alhamdullillah ur way of dressing is so good…mashaAlla

  12. i love the first one it is the best one and i draw a photo of her what is her name?

  13. Akel terlihat anggun memakai jilbab

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