Posted by: HijaBella | October 18, 2008

TUGBA & VENN (2008 winter collection)

Hey girls, look at what I recently found on the Internet. I’m amazed of TUGBA & VENN, another turkish “tesettur” company. Here are some pics of this years winter collection:


And my favourite (cause I love sunglasses combined with the turkish hijab!!!) :

Best possible quality of the material, wide collections, chic and rich designs – This is how the company describes itself. And I think that they are not wrong. What’s your opinion?



  1. I love that black trench coat.. it’s beautiful!

  2. salam, my name is amal . I’m morocan woman i love this beautiful hijab from turkish designers. realy its fantastic

  3. Sizleri Azerbaycandan narah edirik.Sizlerle iş birliyi yapmaq isteyiriz eqer razı olsanız bizlere lütfen yazın

  4. I love the hijab, the hijab is wonderful wooooooooooow

  5. salam… from indonesia , i love the last pic….so kewl….

  6. its great and i love it very much and also tried it.

  7. hi,im selma from macedinia i love it very much it so good

  8. HI i’m from Tunisia, I like this brand, very nice

  9. waw wonderful thank you so mush

  10. hi ,I’m from morocco its wonderful brands i like it so much, please could you add other clothes of hijab

  11. assalam …i m fom india…all collection are wonderful… can v buy this ….any online web to buy this one………..

  12. hi i’m amina in morocco i like very mucht this pic its coool

  13. It’s really nice clothes and I would like to know more about , I would like to know what is the shop. Is it in London? Please text me back or let me know thank you.

  14. mammamamam

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