Posted by: HijaBella | November 2, 2008

My first weeks at university – and this is what I’ve picked up

It is said that every culture and organization has its unwritten rules. These rules are probably the single most influential factor on the work environment and employee happiness. Though many work cultures embrace positive values, such as loyalty, solidarity, efficiency, quality, personal development and customer service, all too often they reinforce negative attitudes.

Here are some examples of unwritten rules in business:

1.) Working long hours is more important than achieving results

2.) The boss never leaves until it is dark

3.) Outside in the car park, he checks to see who is still working and whose office windows are dark

4.) The boss is always right, even if he is wrong

5.)  If you’re not at your desk, you’re not working

6.) Nobody complains, because nothing ever changes

7.) The customer is king, but don’t tell anyone, because managment are more interested in profitability

Often nobody really knows where these unwritten rules came from, but new recruits pick them up very quickly. The way staff speak to management, to customers and to each other gives subtle but strategic clues to an organization’s culture, as do the differences between what is said, decided or promised, and what actually gets done.



  1. The way people treat eachother is very cruel but c’est la vie!
    If everyone feels comfortable with it ( in away ! ) you have to adapt.
    Anyway I think that employees should have a certain respect towards their bosses but this doesn’t mean that the entrepreneur has to mistreat them and consider his team as second class people!!!

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