Posted by: HijaBella | January 18, 2009

Why I didn’t post anything lately


My lovely sisters out there in the world,  I’m so sorry that I couldn’t post anything for a long time.

I’m learning for my exams, thats why I am really busy. But don’t be afraid, I will be back soon.

Don’t forget to pray for our brothers and sisters in Gaza, may Allah help them to resist against the terrorist attacks.

And finally, thanks to all my sisters (Najea, Mariam, Zaynab, Amina and all the others) who left comments although I have nothing added to my blog.  I love you all and I’m grateful that you write.





  1. Good luck on your exams!

  2. I wish you not luck instead of i wish you success.
    I suppose that you don’t need luck.

    may allah help you

  3. Besides I noticed your new banner.
    It’s very nice.
    I wish my bros and sis in GAZA much patience. Allah always helps the most needy.

    millions of prayers to GAZA

  4. Thanks thanks my sisters, pray for me…

  5. Salam sis!

    Hey I’m from Canada and I must tell u its been ages I’m searching for a turkish hijab store. Since I don’t know any Turkish, I would love to get some help from you please. I know how to wear it but gosh the material, where can I find these. Its so beautiful and sophisticated, love it. Many thanks in advance, Barakallahu fiki sis!

    Maria, sis in mad love with turkish style hijab!

  6. Salam sister Maria,
    I recently found this website:

    Maybe it could help you.

    With love


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