Posted by: HijaBella | March 5, 2009

And more of beautiful “Turkish” Hijab: This time it’s UGOZA

Hey my sisters,  yesterday I found another website with pretty Turkish hijabs.  Look at them!!! 


Pure Elegance!

She looks beautiful, but I don’t know if I would wear a red hijab. It’s so offensiv. What do you think?


Beautiful combination. I liked it.


Green is my favourite color. Therefore  I would wear this one without hesitation. Even if the bubbles look like if they were from Spongebob =)  But excellent for wearing at spring. 


Wooooow! I loved this green-blue-tigercoloured one! The woman looks so charming with it. This one is my favourite!!!

No words to say…


I’m asking me how she has done this style. It looks different and a bit strange.

Combining black and white, this woman makes a modest and powerful look. I have a hijab that looks similar to this one. I adore it.


Nice picture. And nice hijab.



What a funny look. But it has something. Hijabis with sunglasses have a different kind of charisma =)))

So my dear, I’m waiting for your comments. And if you like Ugoza-Hijab visit the official site of them and then click on “Ugoza kreasyonlar”. Here is the Link.



  1. as salam aleykoum

    those scarfs are awesome and gorgeous unfortanately i cannot bear the shape of the head turkish women like to give

    it makes me think about allien what they put inside ?

  2. wa aleykoum salam,
    the turkish girls tie their hair up and if they don’t have thick hair they wrap it round with a scarf =)

  3. I love the Spongbob scarf! It’s my fave!

  4. Oh i love these…i have a few of them, its impossible to keep them on:P

  5. You have to use pins on top, right and left side of your head. This works 😀

  6. Lol now i see the pins Doh!!!

  7. can sum1 please telll meh how to wear these scarfss

    my email is:

    pleasssssssssssssseeee w8n 4 d email eagerleeeeee!!!


  8. Salam sister hadiya,

    I will inshAllah post a video for you 🙂

  9. Salam sister zineb 🙂

    thanks thanks. But what should I do with your email, darling?

  10. shum bukur qok guzel po higjap

  11. salam,
    the third hijab is my fava,
    but i like more how they wear the hijabs, i wish i could do it like those,

    btw beautiful Esra, your weblog is soo cool and professional,
    keep on doin this good work ;]

  12. Ok no offence here… I feel they are all gaudy and difficult to match with the clothes that I have… I like simple hijab and I cant see myself in any of these.. truthfully, they look gorgeos on these models, but my practical side thinks, they are too difficult to rest properly on your head, and they are too loud for hijabis… wallahu ‘alam..

  13. @Derya:
    Oh that is not the problem dear. I could show it to you at university *hehe*. Thank you my dear sister. But it’s you who is beautiful and has beautiful eyes and sees me as beautiful…

    That’s interesting sister. I think that this is a cultural difference. Perhaps when you wear it in your country, they’re too loud. But it’s so normal to wear such a hijab in Turkey or here in Germany where a lot of turkish women live… Yeah, you’re right it’s a bit different to make them rest on your head. But with a lot of practice even this isn’t a problem =)

  14. salam sister i really liked ur hijab mashallah so i was wondering if you can send me the exact step how you put them on

    thank you

  15. hey . its very nice but how can i gett them . dose it have to be from turkey. i am in asutralia . any one knows any shop that sells them in here sydney.

  16. i love those scarfs… please tell me how to put them on .. i have no clue

    i tried to learn from videos on other websites but it wasn’t that clear ..

    would appreciate it so much


  17. Assalaamu Allaikum,

    I am a sister in Suriname (South America).
    I have searched for many hijab styles to try, but Turkish style is really one of my favorites. It’s beautiful and stylish 🙂 But i never really managed to drape the Turkish hijab. These styles are really really cute. Do you have instructions? Many thanks.

    Wassalaamu Allaikum

  18. Anybody Know a website where these can be ordered?


  19. salamualaikum..
    really in love with those hijabs.does any1 knw/help me to buy it?im in new zealand

  20. salam sister
    there are many sisters who would like to be told how to wear the turkish hijab, so could u kindly post the instructions.
    also, i have attempted to wear the turkish scarf myself but sometimes due to the wind the tip of the hijab(the front part) starts to flap around, is there something i can do to prevent that from happening.
    jazakallah khair

  21. OMG!! i luv the black and whitte one…i love the way shes done it!! simple yet stylish!!

  22. shum bukurrr-cok guzel
    nese mundet me dit a muj me ba porosia ne ket adress

  23. Beautiful hijabs all…
    Combining black and white hijab is my favourite!!!! Please can someone teach me how to wera it…??????

  24. iam in USA and i like your hejabs. can you teel when you are going to brib=ng hejubs beacuse i really want to buy some

  25. amazing hijabs mashalla i love the red one i wear these silk hijabs its actually very comfortable and easy to put no need for more than 1 pin! I LOV IT 🙂

  26. i like them sooooooooo much but i don’t wear the hijab

  27. can i ask you esra”hijebella” why are you interesting for the turkish hijebnot algerian one? bu i like it so much and i know how to wear it are you turkish or arabic?

  28. I love the Turkish look and I wish someone would do a video on the different turkish hijab wraps. They have only posted one way. Also I would like to purchase the scarves for my store and personal use. I need vibrant colors please give me some feedback! I was in Turkey in July and I just loved the place and I pray that I can return there someday

  29. i love the pictures beautiful

  30. a turkish hijab is a silk or a polyster scarf that measures 90 cm x 90cm 85 cm x 85 cm or 35″ x 35″ 45″ x 45″. It is simple to wear u need an undescarf or bonne or bonnet I do like the firdevs brand from Turkey. I buy my silk scarves from Marshall’s and ebay or wherever I can find them. T o find pins go to your nearest fabric store (Jo-Ann or Walmart) I did get all color even stainless steel in silver and gold.

  31. CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME THE NAME OF THE MODEL WITH THE BROWN EYES!!! she is beautiful! and definitely has similar features as me! 🙂

  32. i like too much turkish hijab and i want to pakistani and i dont know how i can pearchase scarves and coat.plz any turkish lady help me.i wil be thankful to her and lots of prayers for her. reply on my e mail address

  33. ne site i can buy turkish hijab online??

  34. can u plz show a video how to wear da turkish bond in detail and other normal bonds but in a turkish high bun.and if a person has short hair how to make a high bun under the scarf.

  35. those was the most beautifull pictures i have ever seen

  36. hi
    i love those picture their beautiful but iv seen them like a year ago. when i waz looken for some turkish scarfs anyway can u plz post me some vedios on the way to wear a turkish scarf in detail.
    thanks :]

  37. i went to the website but i do not speak Turkish how can i buy the scarves online?

  38. i went to the website but i do not speak Turkish how can i buy the scarves online? as well as buy some of the Turkish style of dress

  39. masha ALLAH.. with hijab we to be more beautifull

  40. salam sis

    wow i love these hijab.. makes you lok pretty…

    hey can u send me the steps on how to put them on ..

  41. very good

  42. i simply love the turkish hijab styles…..i would also like to knw..where can we buy the abayas….tht coat styled abayas that these models are wearing n mostly turkish women wear????what r those abaya’s name????and where to buy???plzzz tell me….i m searching from months!

  43. assalam..
    i like turkish hijab..but i cant find it in Malaysia…

  44. I am Turkish and I have to admit that the hijabs are beautiful but not the way they are worn! I mean I hate the ‘ALIEN’ look. It is ridiculous and very immodest to tie something over your hair so that you would obtain this nonsense shape! I mean you give the impression that you have loads of hair when you do that. This is very opposite of what we try to do when we wear hijab. We intend to keep our beauty to whom we are allowed to share with, not the guy on the street. Ladies, please please please have these scarves if you wish but do not wear them in Turkish style.

  45. I want to know how these hijabs are worn. can anyone show how it is done please

  46. …i m indonesian girl…i love those hijabs…so elegance..can i have information ..where i can get it in jakarta..

  47. I like those hijaab sooo muche is beautiful and also the girls they very nice and elegante 🙂

  48. Selamun aleykum I’m living in chicago Illinois USA. I sell Turkish hijabs,long skirts,overcoats,tunic,Islamic swimwear, bonnets, capes and even more…..if you are interested my web site is And. Also,over $ 100 is free shipping. Please visit my website.

    Thank you

  49. hi can you tell me where to buy these types of hijabs from?

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  51. Turkish sister are deluded if they think those weird conical shaped heads are attractive! indeed they lood scary with and psycho vibe!
    Your scarves are grest though, perhaps you could include plain ones too, they are easy to wear & match to clothes. Jazakum Allah khayr.
    PS: your models are pretty enough no need for so much make up.

  52. I like it’s very nice

  53. hi any one please help me to find a website I can buy a Turkish hijab thank you so much,,,,

  54. all hijab are very nice

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