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Why I didn’t post anything lately


My lovely sisters out there in the world,  I’m so sorry that I couldn’t post anything for a long time.

I’m learning for my exams, thats why I am really busy. But don’t be afraid, I will be back soon.

Don’t forget to pray for our brothers and sisters in Gaza, may Allah help them to resist against the terrorist attacks.

And finally, thanks to all my sisters (Najea, Mariam, Zaynab, Amina and all the others) who left comments although I have nothing added to my blog.  I love you all and I’m grateful that you write.



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This winter look beautiful with Aydan!

And another turkish winter collection. This time it was Aydan that impressed me.  I loved the red coat and the black one most. 

 aydan6 aydan5 aydan3 aydan2 aydan1 aydan7

It is said that every culture and organization has its unwritten rules. These rules are probably the single most influential factor on the work environment and employee happiness. Though many work cultures embrace positive values, such as loyalty, solidarity, efficiency, quality, personal development and customer service, all too often they reinforce negative attitudes.

Here are some examples of unwritten rules in business:

1.) Working long hours is more important than achieving results

2.) The boss never leaves until it is dark

3.) Outside in the car park, he checks to see who is still working and whose office windows are dark

4.) The boss is always right, even if he is wrong

5.)  If you’re not at your desk, you’re not working

6.) Nobody complains, because nothing ever changes

7.) The customer is king, but don’t tell anyone, because managment are more interested in profitability

Often nobody really knows where these unwritten rules came from, but new recruits pick them up very quickly. The way staff speak to management, to customers and to each other gives subtle but strategic clues to an organization’s culture, as do the differences between what is said, decided or promised, and what actually gets done.

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This Week’s Style: Go Purple

Dress: Esprit 60€ 

Longarm Shirt: Pimkie 10€

Jeans: Orsay 20€

Shoes: Deichmann 20€

Necklace: Bijou Brigitte 15€

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TUGBA & VENN (2008 winter collection)

Hey girls, look at what I recently found on the Internet. I’m amazed of TUGBA & VENN, another turkish “tesettur” company. Here are some pics of this years winter collection:


And my favourite (cause I love sunglasses combined with the turkish hijab!!!) :

Best possible quality of the material, wide collections, chic and rich designs – This is how the company describes itself. And I think that they are not wrong. What’s your opinion?

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How to make trendy Hijab pins out of earrings

It is very simple to make hijab pins out of some ordinary earrings.

My best girlfriend gave me this lovely one as a gift …


and this is what I made out of it:


Doesn’t it look beautiful with a black hijab?

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08 Akel-Hijab

Akel is another turkish textile company producing beautiful satin hijabs. I’m not kidding by saying that you are really looking like a princess with putting on any of them. This years collection is made up of hijabs with many different colors:


Green looks “always” beautiful. I think it would fit perfectly with the green Setrms-coat:


She looks “fresh like a lemon” with this one 🙂 


A beautiful pink hijab. Just the right one to wear on the pink hijab day this month. (For more information visit this site)


Great pic! Why do I identify myself with this girl? Hmm…Have you got an idea? 


Go, go Akel! I’m impatiently waiting for your NEW collection. So dear readers, what do you think of Akel and the great turkish satin hijabs in general?

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Winter/Fall 2008 Setrms

Setrms, a turkish textile company, rocks (again) with his winter/fall 08 collection. 


This white coat looks so sweet. I want to wear it immediately:


The blazers is nice but yet too short to wear with pants. I would combine it with a skirt. 


An autumnal style: 


The color of the coat is lovely, but I didn’t like the material. It is too striking for me:


I love green and if it is combined with elegance I adore it.Therefore, this one is one of my favourites:  


Very pretty, too:


Here I liked the photo. She seems to be very cool:


All in all, fantastic looks.Thanks Setrms! My favourites are the green and the white coats, but it was a difficult to decide. So which one do you prefer?

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This Week’s Style: Collegegirl

Dress: C&A 20€

Jeans: C&A 30€

Sneakers: Deichmann 20€

Bag: Puma 25€

Isn’t the dress endearing? I had to own it. Immediately I went to C&A with my mother and bought it. What’s your opinion,dear reader, about the dress?

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