Posted by: HijaBella | March 27, 2009

How to wear the Turkish Hijab (video)

Salam my darlings,

This post was created for one of my sisters hadiya who asked me how to wear the turkish scarves. 

I’m sure that many of you have found these videos on the internet but nevertheless I will post them for those who haven’t seen them yet..

Here are two of them, the first one for woman of all ages, the second one for the young ones. 

So enjoy it and if there are any problems, please tell me I will try to help you..

Greetz =)



  1. as salam aleykoum sister

    hehehehhe we now have the secret for the famous bump under the scarf

  2. isnt is unislamic to hv a big bump on ur head like that?

  3. Yes it is. You shouldn’t exaggerate the bump like many girls do…

  4. Assalamu alaikom dear sister!!
    I actually figured out how to tie the turkish hijabs and the videos were really helpful since they show the different syles but guess what…i still can’t get rid of 10 pins (hehehe) that i need to make my hijab look neatly tied. Do you also use this many pins:)? btw. is your name esra? i’m guessing that cuz in the response above the name is esra with your trade mark (cute) eye:)

  5. Va alaikoum selam dear sister dia.
    Don’t worry, you have only get used to it. And you have to practice, practice and practice =) When I first tried to wear the hijab I used 9 pins or so, but now after two years I have ONLY 4 pins =). But this is really the minimum cause satin hijabs get out of place sooo easily…
    Yeah, my name is Esra. Did ya like it? =)

  6. oh yeah! its a really pretty name:) reminds me of esra wal miraj day

  7. Oh, thank you dear. This was the reason why my parents named me so =)

  8. Hi, I’m not sure why I can’t see the video..maybe it’s my pc settings here since I’m accessing your site from my office. I’m sure that this is a great tutorial!


  9. @Tudung:
    Salaams, oh thank you. Yes I think the pc settings must be the problem…

  10. Salam Alikom

    Dear sisters ,at the past i didnt wear Hijab ,Now am wearing it with Love after struggeling many times, wearing and taking it off ,but Now Thank Allah For it and thanx for these vedios ,i am from Russia living in middle east i love the way trukish girls wear it ,its stylish

  11. Asalamalikum,
    I love the coulor of the hijab but i dont think i would be able to control the satin fabric,
    Its hard to hide the bump on your head if you’ve got long thick hair but i don’t underrstand why women would want to exgaerate a bump on there head???
    The hijab model is amazingly emotionless, wonder how she keep thats straight face all the way though.

  12. hey esra do u live in turkey?

  13. Hey no, I’m from Germany.

  14. yess.. i wonder why is it unislamic to have a bumps in your hair..? is it forbidden in islam to have a bumps in our hair?

  15. Do your models wear a hair piece to get the bump how is it done

  16. hey Esra, I can’t see the videos and I try to find a good video to learn how to wear turkish hijab, but I couldn’t. would you please kindly send this videos to my email. I would be very thankful.

  17. i saw these two videos in youtube before . actually i like turkish hijeb so much and i want to wear the hijeb inshallah .

  18. i lyk how turks puts hijab , i am half turkish btw but i dunno how to put hijab lyk this way . anywayz tessukur ederim =) byyez

    MashaAllah .. am crazy about the turkish veil and Hijab …
    i was looking for how to wear the turkish veil and am so happy with that blog

  20. You Egyptian Lady and your hijab rocks too!
    Thank you my lovely sister,
    Greetz to Egypt!

    I hope you are fine.dear sister i am from lahore PAKISTAN.I saw this website and i am really impressed by these turkish hijab.Plz tell me there is any outlet of these hijabs in pakistan.thanx tc waiting for reply

  22. Hi Sibgha…as far as i know there is not any outlet in Pakistan specialinsing in Turkish hijabs, i have always searched there in my every visit to KHI. I have been in Germany, Dubai n now in Sweden here atlast found the hijab but was surprised to see as it has nothing very different from other scarfs, but just a small rectangular piece of Silk cloth….im now planning to buy cloth from paistan n make it of the same size. One more thing, the cap under the scarf r now available in KHI, n Hijab ul Hareem.

  23. Assalam Alaikom

    I LOVE Turkey and everything about it :))
    I’m even learning Turkish and I am planning to go there some day soon if the money will allow it ;D and I have always been fond about the way the do they’re head scarves it’s so stylish and interesting thank you for this video I shall be practising on my mirror with the triangular silk head scarves :)))))

  24. hehe egyptian cleopatra i’m from Egypt too :)))
    our head scarves need some uplifting dude…needs more imagination! that’s why turkish headscarves ROCKK!!!

  25. Hi tried opening the video but no longer available due to copy right , would it be possible to email it to me would love to know how you pin the hijab have always admired it . if not maybe a step by step detailed discription how to. thanks

  26. Hey!! I can see the video! They are no longer available!! Please somebody helpme!!

  27. Salaam Esra,

    I cant see this video. I noticed some else wrote that too. I want to start wearing hijab and wanted to try the Turkish style hijab but not sure how to go about it. Heard good comments on the site about your video. Can you please help me. If you can email me the steps or the video to my email address, that would be great.


  28. Salam Alaykom, every friend on the site.
    I wondered if it’s really necessary to use 10 pins for tightening of turkish hijab and I also have anothe question, is it necessay to wear bonnett under the scarf because we in Iran are not used to it, because of Wearing Chador besides the scarf.
    I’ll be glad if any of turkish friends can help me.

  29. hi,
    please i cant see the video i tried to turn on the video but it doesnt work i do nzxnt know why?
    please i want to know how to wear scraves

  30. hii
    i thnk dere iz sme prblm wid da video…..its nt startng

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