Owing to the great demand from you, here will be soon the HijaBella Onlinestore, where you can order various Turkish Satin Hijabs from all  over the World. So hold on!



  1. i like too much turkish hijab

  2. i want to buy but i do not know how to buy.anybody help meeeeeeee

  3. I fell in love with Armine Spring/Summer collection 2009. Hw do I order these dresses?

  4. I would like to subscribe. Thanks!

  5. Hi my names Reem and when i saw your website i really liked it i have all new fashion hijabs i have diffrent kinds and over 100 peices,if you would like get more information please call me at (916)-628-9669

  6. I’d like to order some. I’ll wait for your response, thx 🙂

  7. Please send me info about your online store pls

  8. Hi! I want to buy, but I do not know how to buy it so can you help me please,

  9. hi i like this style how can i buy them some one help plz send me u web plz

  10. Hi Armine,

    I really love your hijab and would like to know how to purchase them by online since i am in Indonesia. Or, do you have any store in Indonesia? May i also know about the price and the delivery cost to Indonesia?

    Thank you, awaiting for your reply.

  11. Al salam alykum!

    But not only hijabs… clothes, too. 😛

  12. hi, i would like to buy these pretty hijabs. how do i do that?

  13. I am living in Egypt, how could get these beautiful clothes.

  14. hi im im in america arkansas fortsmith could i get scarf here

  15. I can’t wait to order your online store, hopefully will you offer them in a good price….

    Question: when you will start the OnlineStore?

  16. Asalamo aleikum, I would like to buy these pretty hijabs. how do I do that? please send me this instrution jazakallah kheir sisters

  17. i wont buy but iam in aceh indonesia … how to buy?

  18. hi i am living in canada ,i would like to buy these clothing and pretty hijab ,how can do that ?

  19. Hello dears,
    I am Hilal, I work in ARMINE and if you need any information about ARMINE please feel free to contact me on

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