How To Tie

Salam my dear sisters,

This post is created after many of my readers asked me how to tie the turkish hijab. 

I’m sure that many of you have found these videos on the internet but nevertheless I will post them for those who haven’t seen them yet..

Here are two of them, the first one for woman of all ages, the second one for the young ones. 

So enjoy it and if there are any problems, please tell me I will try to help you..

Greetz =)



  1. its an ow-sum styles i really like turkish way of getting such hijabs styles plz tell me how to wear these styles on my email if possible

  2. Beautiful thank you for the tips

  3. Hey all,

    i think this ( might be one of the videos. The only thing i am asking is: The stylist puts a sort of (i reckon its like instant starch or something) spray to secure (i reckon) the front/bonnet part of the hijab at the end…anyone knows if that is really starch?

    Hey Esra i am from Germany too, Allhamdulilah 😉


  4. please send an email how to on these hijabs Thank you

  5. Salaam ladies,
    I am starting a Turkish hijab business. I have bought these scarfs listed on my fb page directly from Turkey. I have met with the supplier and they are Turkish made and not Chinese. If your interested in buying please check my website out:
    JAK sisters:)

  6. what happened to your video? pls repost

  7. i was referred to your blog by . Alhamdulillah, may we have many more hijabista’s in this world 🙂

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