Posted by: HijaBella | April 15, 2009

Catwalk of Turkeys top hijab-brand TEKBIR (2009)

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Don’t do they look gorgeous? They remind me of the Ottoman-princesses…



  1. salaam esra!!
    I really like the dresses in the second picture (esp. the one to the right at the front)…absolutely gorgeous…but i’m wondering what’s with the huge hats on these ladies heads??:) I really adore turkish hijab syles but haven’t seen anything like these hats before, i mean not on women:) …are these common in turkey?

  2. Va aleykoum salaam sista dia,
    No, no its not common in Turkey that hijabis dress like these. I saw something like this also for the first time 🙂
    But I think that they wanted to make something different and something very interesting. I bet that they were inspired by the dervish hats which have a similar shape to these ones.

  3. I think that the dresses are pretty nice but tekbir as a top brand should produce more outwear.
    All their collections are always super elegant,but a woman cannot dress like a bride!
    Besides their prices are not suitable for the qualityy they try to provide.

    thanx for posting

  4. Singamaraja reading your blog

  5. i think that the dresses r beautiful but i agree with elif .
    i adooooore turkish hijab!!!!!

  6. There are many more models in Iran; they can take a look at it and copy..

  7. If these clothes are for some special occation why not having that occation closed to males and open to females only so that you can wear whatever you want? I mean these clothes are nothing but ugly, I would hate to wear them.

  8. Nice to see such wedlock types pictures where the models just look queens and due to the hijab style they look tall… great job.

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