Welcome, dear visitor, to my blog. Before discussing the content of this website, let me first briefly introduce myself:  I am Hijabella, a 20-year old turkish girl living in Germany.I have currently  started to study business and economics at the university. Apart from my religion Islam, the global economy and politics, I have varied interests in other topics, most notably hijab, fashion and graphic design. Several of these interests will be highlighted on this blog. So hold on



  1. your blog is fantastic. Allthough there aren’t many posts yet, I can imagine the style you want to convey to your readers and to be honest I love it.
    May Allah help you to enlarge your webblogg it’s a fantastic idea!

    Ps: Your banner is amazing, especially the blue logo.

  2. SA,
    your website is very nice, but can i ask you something?
    Why is this website in english??

    with love s.k

  3. Aleyküm selam sisters,

    thank you very much for your comments.

    The reason why I’m blogging in English is that I want to have readers from all around the world :-))))

  4. Salam Hijabella,

    Thank you for commenting on my site 🙂

    I look forward to reading your blog and learning more about hijab fashion in Germany!


  5. salam hijabella,
    your blog is just lovely!
    I live in the USA and a big fan of the turkish hijab fashion but impossible to find here except few abayas here and there and could never find it for online sale made available for the US.do yiu have any ideas?any website that sell turkish hijab fashion with international shipping? thanks

  6. Salam sister Zainab,
    I recently found this website:


    Maybe it could help you.

    With love


  7. you have such a nice blog…i am already addicted!

  8. AssalaamuAlaykum 🙂 MashaAllah, this is such a beautiful blog! I love it! Keep up the good word 🙂

  9. hi there. Of the websites offered here, I like the armine collection,and find the others not harmonizing the daily life with the fashion. And I have observed that your visitors admire the ones (the brands) we donot prefer generally.interesting..

  10. salam
    please i’am from Morocco and i will visit turquie in January i want the adress of tugba in Istambul and thank you

  11. Al salam alykum!

    Gr8 Blog. I want more! 🙂

  12. Salaam ladies,
    I am starting a Turkish hijab business. I have bought these scarfs listed on my fb page directly from Turkey. I have met with the supplier and they are Turkish made and not Chinese. If your interested in buying please check my website out:
    JAK sisters:)

  13. Great thing that you are practicing Hijab in Germany to be a role model for fellow Muslims there. Your website is good, I am from Pakistan and pay greetings to your efforts. Also welcome to my Blog; Download video presentations of travel & tour with Google Earth!
    Muhummad Mushtaq Tariq,
    Rawalpindi, Pakistan

  14. Hi! I’m doing a school presentation for my german diploma (DSD II) on the the hijab ban in Turkey, and I’d love to hear your views and stories, if that’s ok with you! I just wanted to ask things like how the law affected your life, what’s your position on the subject, if you or someone you know has been punished by family for not using the headscarf, etc… could you please send me an email? (if you by any chance don’t feel like sharing these details, no problem and sorry if I brought up a delicate subject!) Thank you very very very much!

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