Posted by: HijaBella | March 29, 2009

I love sunglasses…





I love Hijabis wearing big sunglasses. But boaaah, they’re so damn expensive.  I’m asking myself if a REAL muslim could buy such a glass. Wouldn’t a Muslim feel a pang of conscience by spending so much money for something rather unimportant?  But nevertheless which one is your favourite? Waiting for your comments…



  1. Hello darling!
    My favorite is BVLGARI 2. 😉
    Best regards!

  2. salam:)

    i cud never spend that much on a apir of sunglasses – altho i do on my regular spex, since i hv to hv lotsa special thins done ot em! but since that happens once every few yrs its ok i cn forgiv myself!
    i wudnt spend that much on a dress either unless for a verrri special occasion….i tihnk best way for a muslim to shop n not feel so guilty is probli to recycle! every 6months i hv a huge overhaul of all my clothes n i give to charity

  3. theyr nice shapes – but i dont liek bling on my sunglasses! 😀

  4. Oh i luv da Dior ones, i have a pair similar to them:)

  5. @hatice:
    Salam my darling, hey we have the same fav! =)

    Va alaykoum salam. I’m thinking the same way. Me too could not spend so much for sunglasses with few exceptions… Oh you don’t like “bling” I love the glasses cause of their bling hehe…

    Salaams my dear sister, how are you? Could I ask you which Dior glass is similar to yours? =)

  6. Salam, Im torn between CD2 and Bulgari 3… I like the shape of these two and both comes with nice side bars, I wear glasses and I need them prescribed, both dont look like they can be done… Just discovered another fashion blog, so good, can I link you? Please pretty please?

  7. @ Stylomom:
    Salaams sister. I would be very glad if you would link me. Thank you…

  8. Salam
    well i would never spend so much money on a pair of sunglasses. I have one pair and they cost like 10 $ on sales hahaha
    have a nice day

  9. AssalaamuAlaykum 🙂 Dior 2 and Bvlgari 1…it’s a tough choice 😀

    I too would find it impossible to spend that much on something so trivial…even spending $10 on sunglasses is hard for me 😯

  10. As salaam alaykum from Finland (:

    Wow, nice shades!!

    I’m not a big spender, but when it comes to sunglasses I’m willing to pay a little bit more. After getting dissapointed in those cheap sunglasses too many times I decided to buy a pair of Chanel sunglasses and I’ve never regretted putting a little bit more money on them. I wear them almost everyday and I have never gotten bored of them, because they’re classic! 🙂

  11. waw ido likeit thanks

  12. Nauczylem sie wiele

  13. all of them rocks , love it

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